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Chopin and Warsaw

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Warsaw abounds in places which are closely associated with Frederic Chopin's life and music. They are connected not only with the past (like memorabilia, museums, etc.) but with the present as well (Chopin's music concerts).  The major ones are listed below.

Frederic Chopin's Birthplace

A must to all music lovers is Zelazowa Wola - a village situated 50 km west of Warsaw. It is in Zelazowa Wola that in 1810 Poland's most famous composer Frederic Chopin was born. His house, once a thatched cottage, nowadays resembles a romantic manor surrounded by a picturesque park full of a wide variety of plants. Since 1931 Chopin's house has been Chopin Birthplace Museum. Here one can see a rich collection of memorabilia associated with Chopin. The top attraction is listening to Chopin's music performed during weekend concerts held here between May and October.

Chopin Family's Salon

The Czapski Palace, situated in the centre of Warsaw at 5 Krakowskie Przedmiescie, is also connected with Chopin's family. In the south wing of this late-Baroque Palace, once property of the most distinguished families of Poland, lived Frederic Chopin with his parents in 1826. Their drawing room, featuring the period furniture and the composer's memorabilia, has been renovated. Nowadays, Chopin Family's Salon is open to the public.

Chopin Museum

The Ostrogski Palace, located at 1 Okolnik Street, used to be the seat of Warsaw Music Conservatory. However, destroyed during World War II the palace needed refurbishment. Thus, it was renovated according to the 18th-century architectural details. Since then the Ostrogski Palace houses Frederic Chopin Association. In the Museum dedicated to this eminent composer and pianist one can see Chopin's memorabilia. Concerts of Chopin's music are regularly held here.

Warsaw's Philharmonic Hall

The Philharmonic is mostly famous for concerts performed by world-famous musicians. Since 1927 it has been renowned as a venue for International Chopin Competitions held here every five years.

Holy Cross Church

Holy Cross Church situated in Krakowskie Przedmiescie is well known to Chopin's music lovers as it is here that in the side pillar of the nave there is an urn containing Chopin's heart.

Lazienki Park

The Lazienki Park is famous for a monument dedicated to Chopin. However, it is not the original statue as it was damaged during World War II. The present one is its replica. Every summer the monument attracts music lovers with concerts which take place here.

Come to Warsaw to learn more about Chopin and to listen to his music. Walking in his foot steps you will love his music more!

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