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Education Opportunities in Warsaw

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Over the past decades, Warsaw is becoming a popular academic city among foreign students, owing to a high level of education and tuitions cheaper than at the Western European universities. Even if you do not know Polish, several Warsaw universities offer courses as well as graduate and postgraduate programmes in English, French or German. The universities also cooperate with Socrates and Erazmus student exchange programmes all over Europe.

In Poland, full-time day studies at public Higher Education Institutions (HEI) are free of charge for Polish citizens and EU citizens. Foreign candidates who apply for full-time studies are admitted on the basis of their baccalaureate diploma results. In most cases they are also obliged to take either entrance examination or interview in the subject related to their field of study (if they wish to study in Polish, the interview will be held in Polish).

EU & EFTA citizens are enrolled for either full-time or part-time studies on the same conditions as Polish citizens and they may study free of charge (only full-time studies) or pay fees applicable to Polish students, depending on the study programme.

The University of Warsaw

Address: Krakowskie Przedmiescie 26/28
Phone: + 48 22 552 40 20

The University of Warsaw is one of the largest and most prestigious academic institutions in Poland with over 60,000 students. The University offers various types of studies in 76 fields of study. It confers the following university degrees and titles:
• licencjat (the equivalent of a Bachelor's degree, granted after 3 years of study),
• magister (Master's degree, granted after 2 or 5 years of study),
• doktor (Doctor's degree, Ph.D.),
• doktor habilitowany (Reader's or Assistant Professor's degree),
• professor (is appointed to a full Professor).
Full-time day studies are free of charge for the EU citizens. For other courses and programmes students have to pay tuitions. Also other non-EU foreigners must pay tuition fees, which are not lower than the equivalent of:

2000 euro per year - for vocational, uniform master's degree and post-bachelor master's degree studies;
3000 euro per year - for doctoral, postgraduate and special studies; research, arts, specialised and postdoctoral internships.

Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University

Address: Dewajtis 5
Phone: (022) 561 8800

The Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw is one of the youngest Polish universities but it continues the long-term traditions of the Academy of Catholic Theology.
International students of UKSW can choose from a wide array of courses and programmes offered in the Polish language at 21 faculties. In addition, the individual faculties offer lectures in the English language. Foreign students admitted to UKSW are obliged to attend classes in Polish as a Foreign Language. The Polish classes are offered free of charge, and the students take it as part of their mandatory curriculum.
The fees paid by foreign students for each type of programme per annum is the equivalent of:

1. EUR 2,000 for continuous graduate programme; for undergraduate programmes (level one) and graduate programmes (level two)
2. EUR 3,000 for PhD and post-graduate programmes.

The Medical University of Warsaw

Address: Zwirki i Wigury 61
Phone: + 48 22 572 09 98

Medical studies in English are available only for persons having other than Polish citizenship. The curriculum of the University includes a 6-year course of study in medicine and is comprised of 2 preclinical and 4 clinical years with core subjects and clinical clerkships. The 6-year program is offered for high school graduates. The course leads to a graduation medical diploma – MD recognized in many countries. Good knowledge of both written and spoken English is a prerequisite for admission. The applicants whose native language is not English should provide a certificate (FCE, CAE, CPE, TOEFL) or any other documentation of reasonable proficiency in English.

The Warsaw School of Economics (SGH)

Address: Al. Niepodleglosci 162

Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) is the oldest public school of economics and management in Poland. It proudly belongs to the leading economic universities in Central and Eastern Europe. The school offers Master’s studies in English in International Business. This two-year programme is focused at both foreign and Polish students who already hold at least Bachelor’s diploma. The programme consists of two specialisations: International Business Management and Business in Central and Eastern Europe. Students will gain extensive knowledge of the international dimension of the economy, with special focus on doing business in Central & Eastern Europe. Lectures are given by renowned scholars from the SGH and partner institutions. Students have the possibility to apply for internships both in Poland and abroad. International Business graduates receive Master’s diploma.
Additionally Warsaw School of Economics offers post-graduate and PhD programmes – candidates can choose from over 90 programmes in Polish and English including the prestigious executive MBA programmes – Canadian Executive MBA and Warsaw Executive MBA.

Warsaw University of Technology

Address: Warszawska 24
Phone: +48 12 628 20 00

Warsaw University of Technology is a research intense, doctoral level academic institution focused on undergraduate and graduate programs almost exclusively in engineering and applied sciences. With over thirty thousand students served by over two thousand professors and instructors, Warsaw University of Technology is the largest and the highest ranking engineering university in Poland. For foreign students there are 4 year studies in English in the following fields: Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical and Compurer Engineering. For EU citizens the cost is EUR 1,000 per annum. For non-EU students the cost is higher.

There are also numerous non-public universities and colleges, many of which offer studies in English. For more details go to:

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