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Getting around Warsaw by Bus

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For tourists sightseeing the Old Town and its environs it is advisable to walk as major monuments are situated within a walking distance. As for the attractions situated further from the centre, it is a good idea to use public transport (a bus, a tram, the underground). It is quite well organized though at times using it might be a bit complicated. For the outlying attractions, going by car seems the most reasonable.

By Bus

Public buses offer quite frequent transport services not only in the centre of Warsaw and its districts, but in the outlying parts of the city as well. Some even have night services on offer. The bus routes can be distinguished by their three digit numbers. The buses numbered from 101 – 199 serve the city centre, thus, they run frequently from 5 a.m. till 11 p.m. Those with numbers starting with 3XX usually run during peak hours . The buses numbered 400 – 500 operate between the city centre and the suburbs, so they make fewer stops on the way. ''E'' in the bus numer stands for an express bus. Night transportation services are offered by buses numbered from 600-699. The city outskirts are served by buses with number 700 onwards which run from 5 a.m. till 11 p.m.

Each bus stop displays the routes, the timetables and the duration of the journey from one stop to another. Frequency varies depending on the time of day (more frequent during rush hours) or day of the week (less frequent at weekends, during summer and public holidays).

For details on route numbers and timetables SEE:

By Sightseeing Bus

There are two bus routes, numbered 100 and 180, targeted at tourists who would like to go on a tour of Warsaw and see the major tourist attractions of the capital of Poland (historic sights, gardens, churches, etc.). No. 100 bus runs at weekends only, whereas No. 180 bus runs every day. The frequency is once every two hours. The former one goes along a circular route passing by Warsaw's top attractions, whereas the latter one links the historic Powazki Cemetery and Wilanow (famous for its Palace and Park).
The regular PZM tickets and travel passes are valid.

Some tourists find requesting the bus to stop confusing. If you want to get off a bus, remember to press the stop button (usually a red one) situated on the vertical poles (in the new buses) or above the door (in the old buses).
If travelling on a night bus, bear in mind that nearly all the bus stops are REQUEST stops (called ''na zadanie'' in Polish). Thus, if you want to get on the bus, let the driver know you want the bus to stop by e.g. waving a hand. To make the bus stop while on board, signal to the driver to stop in advance.

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Map of Warsaw

Map of Warsaw

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