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Getting around Warsaw by Taxi

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Getting around Warsaw by taxi seems to be the most expensive, though, the most comfortable and convenient way of moving around the city. To avoid being overcharged, the best idea is to choose one of the numerous licensed taxi corporations which can be booked by phone. The most famous one is the MPT Radio Taxi Warszawa – the oldest and the largest one in Poland. There are also other reliable taxi companies offering transportation services in Warsaw and its environs.

The licensed taxis are identified by the sticker giving details on the taxi number, the corporation name, the telephone number on the front door and a ''taxi'' sign on the roof. The city's coat of arms is usually displayed on the taxi doors.

Taxi WarsawThe fare depends on the time of day (the taxi drivers charge more between 10 p.m. and 8 p.m.), a day of the week, distance covered (within which taxi zone). Sometimes additional fee, usually equal to PLN 6.00, is charged on entering the taxi. The base fare per kilometre varies from one taxi corporation to another, but if travelling on a weekday within Taxi Zone 1, one should pay no more than PLN 3.00. You can ask the driver for a receipt with the route details. If you think you have paid through the nose, call the City Guard (Straz Miejska) on 986 or, if using a mobile, +48 22 986.

The complete list of registered taxi corporations with details on the phone numbers and fares can be found at:


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